In-District Transfer Request


Direct Transfer

In-District Transfer Request for Elementary Schools
District Boundaries have been set based on geographic location and transportation logistics. Each resident has a “home” school closest to their residency. Students will be placed at their “home” school at the time of registration. 

Requests for In-District Transfers needs to be in writing and brought to the Administration Building. The request will be reviewed by both the Sending & Receiving Principals and a determination will be communicated to those who have requested a transfer.
*Transfers will not be made until one week AFTER the start of school to determine if space is available.
Print out the FORM
In-District Transfer Requests for Secondary Schools
Requests for In-District Transfers between Secondary Schools needs to be in writing and brought to the student’s current school Principal or Counselor. The Sending & Receiving Administrators will discuss the student’s needs to better assist in determining the most successful placement for the student.  If the student receives additional services, an IEP Team meeting will be required.
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