Meet the Staff

The Teacher Consultant (TC) evaluates academic and/or behavioral achievement for students who are suspected of having a disability.  They observe the student in the regular classroom and make educational recommendations to the team.  The Teacher Consultant serves as a resource for general education and special education teachers, support staff, parents and building administrators suggesting accommodations, strategies, and interventions to ensure a student makes satisfactory progress within the general education curriculum.  The TC may provide instruction and/or behavioral support to students functioning in the general and special education classroom.

Physical Therapists 
The Physical Therapist evaluates and provides support to students who need instruction in gross motor control, basic mobility, and balance.  The Physical Therapist advises staff in understanding the student's physical capabilities and limitations.  Physical therapy may include assisting a student with the use of adaptive equipment or instructing staff as to the safest way to lift or transfer a student.  Physical therapy requires a prescription from a physician.  Physical therapy gives a student increased support to achieve motor goals related to educational tasks within the classroom environment.

Social Workers 
The school Social Worker may evaluate a student's social and emotional development.  School Social Workers provide direct support to eligible special education students, advise staff, students, and parents on techniques to solving problems, acting as a liaison between the school, home, and the community.  They also promote, coordinate and recommend community resources available to the students.  School Social Workers may also take a leadership role in the development and implementation of student behavior plans.

Special EducationTeachers 

Occupational Therapists
An Occupational Therapist evaluates and works with students who need exercises or adaptations to coordinate fine motor skills or to improve perceptual motor problems.  The Occupational Therapist gives direct support to students and advises members of the team. The goal for the Occupational Therapist is to help the student to be successful in the educational environment.

The School Psychologist evaluates a student's intelligence, personality, perceptual-motor skills using tests, observations and other procedures.  They may also administer achievement tests to determine the impact that intelligence has on achievement.  The Psychologist will also determine a student's profile of strengths and weaknesses comparing the results of the profile with the school curriculum, making suggestions to ensure the student's success.  School psychologists may provide educational intervention and other services if designated on the IEP.
Speech and Language Pathologist 
The Speech and Language Therapist evaluates students who may qualify for special education programs and services due to a disability in the areas of language development, articulation, voice, and fluency.  They also provide instructional support to students and assist students with augmentative communication.  Speech and language therapists consult with educational staff, parents, and community agencies relating to speech and other communication disorders.  The type of speech services a child receives is based upon the recommendations from the IEP team.

Additionally, as part of our Curriculum Department, our district provides Family School Liaisons to foster students social emotional learning.