2020 Spring OCS Continuity of Learning Plan


While our buildings may be closed, “school” continues as we aim to engage students with experiences that continue our programming as well as help them stay connected with teachers and classmates. Our goal through continuous learning is to offer authentic opportunities to focus on reviewing key concepts and introducing new, essential grade level standards. We aim to keep our students engaged so that we reduce the potential negative impact of not being in school daily. We will strive for a balanced approach of on-screen and off-screen tasks and instructional opportunities to help families find balance within their own unique home situations. 

Consistency and continuity is important as we consider family needs and student engagement. Our goal is to provide consistency through common platforms and methods of communication so families feel equipped and can plan accordingly. We want to prioritize connections, relationships, and being flexible during these unprecedented times. We are cognizant of the fact that families may have to learn to navigate multiple platforms for multiple students in one household. 

Decisions regarding the awarding of credit, the issuance of grades, and the use of pass or fail designations will be made at the district level with due recognition of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Specific grading practices may vary by grade level. 

The following common themes have emerged from the team’s work

  •  All students are safe, fed, and engaged
  •  Focus on essential learning for students -- “Less is More”
  •  Be flexible and ready to adapt when needs arise
  •  Emphasize relationships in this new learning environment
  •  Support school decision making to honor needs
  •  Decisions must support all populations of students
  •  Encourage use of materials, resources and platforms that are already in use
  •  Instructional models may be a blending of non-technology and virtual platforms
  •  Establish a consistent and agreed upon framework of expectations, communication models and practices that all stakeholders share
  •  Support and training for all staff will occur throughout the duration of the remaining school year
  •  Extend grace to all in these unique and trying times
Open the tabs below for district-wide continuous learning plan details: